My Etsy Treasury: Claudia (The Vampire Chronicles) 1

I just made a new treasury list of lovely things that are for sale from different shops on Etsy. This time it’s about Claudia from Interview with the Vampire, the child vampire with the angelic face and many pretty things.

I was reading the book in February when I was writing my college thesis under great pressure (on another topic), having found the book on Monsieur JEG‘s shelf.  I just finished reading the third book in the series yesterday, skipping the second because it hasn’t come my way; which I obtained through an encounter with BookCrossing on Sunday as I mentioned in the blog post earlier this week, and which brought back to my mind Claudia.

I can’t say about the second book in the series as I haven’t read it, but compared to the third, I think the first in the series, Interview with the Vampire, will probably always be the greater inspiration; because of the attraction that the 18th century and American South hold for me, and maybe because it was just a better written story with more mystery. The film adaption, too, has been a valuable addition to the imagination.

I must also add that the fourth item in the list, which is the vintage 70s green taffeta gown from a wonderful lady ForgottenMuse‘s shop, was also a main inspiration for this treasury list – when she had first posted the dress sometime ago (was it on Facebook?), I thought, my, how it reminded me of Interview with the Vampire!

I had started with many more items for the treasury and it was difficult to let go of any one of them, so I think I may continue the theme (which is the reason why the treasury is called Claudia “(The Vampire Chronicles) 1”) and put together a few more lists for Claudia, if I should obtain some favourable responses. After all, the little lady and her guardians were attentive to detail, and their elegance was endless.

Vintage Silver Gilloche Powd…


Dollhouse Miniature Flowers …


Interview with the Vampire C…


70s – My Bonny Sweetheart – …


Pink Harlequin Opal Ring Tea…


Rose Garden – Paris Roses 8x…


Girls Silk Dupioni Dress Vin…


vintage 1930s art deco brooc…


For Her, Mom, Wedding Rhines…


1950s Wide Crocheted Rhinest…


vintage 80s Mike Benet teal …


Vintage Brooch Forget Me Not…


1950’s brush and mirror …


NEW ITEM-French Script-Lovel…


White hanky w/ purple floral…


FRENCH CHAIRS Aubusson tape…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


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3 thoughts on “My Etsy Treasury: Claudia (The Vampire Chronicles) 1

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