Etsy Treasury List: Marshmallow Home

I was going to write a note about a sweet Etsy treasury list that Anne-Marie O’Rourke, from the Etsy Ireland team, has made which features one of the vintage dresses from my boutique; and I had meant to do it right after I had seen the list, because it happens with Etsy treasury lists that sometimes when an item listing is changed or de-activated, it disappears from the list, leaving the carefully curated list visually incomplete. But alas! I got busy and worried about the gig that I was playing on the 29th of April, and I let it slip through, so that today when I went back to check on the treasury, it was missing one item already.

However, better late than never. So here it is. It was a rainy week in Dublin when Anne-Marie posted the treasury list, and I thought it was just such a comfort to see these soft pink and light pastel colours. And it was an honour to be the only dress in the diverse list!

‘Marshmallow home’ by byAMOR

Crafty Ireland Team rocks!

Arklow Pottery soup tureen i…


Small Midcentury Lamp. Adjus…


Vintage Wooden Box. Hand Pai…


Vintage French Style Cream C…


80s – Spanish Clouds – 60s s…


Vintage Wooden Rule. School …


German solifleur vase in sha…


Lavender Bags, 2 Dried Laven…


Ivory Wedding Favor Handbag …


Vintage kimono silk fabric i…


White stud earrings – Vintag…


Bead Woven Peach Amber Quart…


Eco friendly hanging mosaic,…


Cream & Beige Fleck Aran Men…


Dusky Pink Single Rosebud Fa…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Here’s my shop’s vintage tan dress, 80s made in Spain.


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