The Shrine

I owe John William Waterhouse a great deal for helping me come to terms with my hair. For years I was bothered with my hair for being quite straight, fine and limp, until I came across Waterhouse’s paintings and noticed that many of his characters had hair not unlike mine. Nowadays whenever I start to feel uncomfortable with my hair I think “Waterhouse”, “Waterhouse”!

This photoshoot was probably unconsciously influenced by a Waterhouse’s painting, The Shrine. I’ve now noticed the stairs, too.

“The Shrine”, John William Waterhouse, 1895

I wonder why Waterhouse has called his painting “The Shrine”, however. I do remember that I hadn’t expected the title when I first found it out. I didn’t find the scene solemnly religious or ritualistic – but maybe the place is part of a shrine, or the scene itself is a shrine?

(Hair clip: high street

Dress: vintage 60s green floral sundress, available at shop.

Shoes: New Look, second-hand)
(Photos by JEG)

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