To the Post Office!

I’ve grounded myself this week to finish a work experience report paper for college. This should be the very last thing that I need to do for my business degree, which has occupied me for the last three years. And the work experience…was actually this very Pretty Bones Jefferson Vintage boutique, so I really shouldn’t complain!

One of my favourite things about working for the online boutique is packaging and sending items off at the post office. As each of the vintage items is unique, special treatment is almost always required for packaging. The latest was the gorgeous vintage 70s tan faux leather bag which I sold and sent on earlier this week. It was also featured part of the outfit from last month’s post “Thoughts of Fairytale“. This time I asked my Monsieur JEG to take some photos of me going to the post office; as I was visiting for lunch and using the post office just around the corner to his house. We took a photo in front of a charity shop window as well, where they had a handsome set of New Orleans/American South jazz musician miniatures (they were quite dear, though!).

I had packed the bag with bubble foam on the front side and solid foam on the back side, and wrapped it in a brown paper bag with the edges re-enforced by duct tape for durability. I also put in one of my favourite cards from the National Gallery of Ireland – I’m always using the gallery’s post cards for my customers, until I get my own greeting cards printed…

I’ll have the paper finished and sent in by Tuesday so the end is near! I’m so very much looking forward to spending more time here on the blog and putting into action some new ideas for the shop. So now, back to the work at hand.

( Off white chiffon shirt: Thrifted

Skir: Thrifted

Faux suede red bag: High Street)

(All photos by JEG and Lute)

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