Vintage Viyella black and white pleated skirt, 1970s chiffon top   image_d

Happy March! I haven’t been posting much here and on the Etsy shop, but have been updating a bit on the Facebook page, mainly because I’ve been busy selling at some local Dublin markets and fairs, and Facebook was the quickest way for me to put up random plain shots of clothes…

I do have a huge backlog of photoshoots and stories to put up here, which I’ll be getting around to, soon, I promise! I’m considering some new features for the blog, which will take a little planning as well.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of photos of a vintage Viyella black and white pleated skirt, which I acquired for the shop on a recent trip to Belfast and is now available on the Etsy shop (it’s a 28″ – 32″ waist). The top is a vintage 1970s short peignoir with appliqués and chiffon ruffles, which, alas, has been sold at a market a week ago. The vintage maroon gloves were purchased a few years ago at my favourite Dublin vintage shop Lucy’s Lounge, and the shoes are Zara.

I think I’ll be sharing some photos from the recent markets in the next post!

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