Ha’penny Flea Market

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been a little busy selling at a few markets in Dublin for the last few months. My stall is usually a mix of the vintage things from my online Etsy boutique and some selected contemporary second-hand…plus cake! I don’t think I had ever done so much baking in my whole life.

The cakes in the photos here, which were taken at the weekly Saturday Ha’penny Flea Market at the Grand Social Bar in town, are chocolate banana brownies (made by me) and carrot cakes (made by my fiancé). We’re so awfully proud of them.

Pretty Bones Jefferson_Ha'penny Flea Market Grand Social_Lute al-Raad_JEG 2013 Pretty Bones Jefferson_Ha'penny Flea Market Grand Social_Lute al-Raad_JEG 2013 (1)

It’s great fun being out in town during the day on weekends and chatting to customers and other stall holders, as well doing a bit of treasure hunting myself. Some recent finds include a 1960s velvet long wiggle skirt, a vintage plate (which we borrowed for displaying our cake but couldn’t resit buying in the end), and a pair of 1960s long gloves that I’m going to use for a few photoshoots. Oh and the scarf clip that I’m using as a choker pendant in the photos above!

I’m aware that my Etsy boutique stock is running very, very low now so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to put up all the lovely new vintage things that are waiting to go on the shop. If you go to this photo album on my Facebook page, you can also find some of the dresses and accessories that aren’t listed on the online shop (both vintage and contemporary).

(The choker is a DIY creation from a good few years ago, with a scarf clip added as a pendant here, which I bought from fellow stallholder Moira, who has the most delightful and intriguing vintage jewellery pieces, at the Ha’penny Flea Market. The lace blouse top is Topshop, and the black dress is an old one of mine.)

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