Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring 2013


2_34I saw some of these images from Ulyana Sergenko’s spring 2013 haute couture collection on Vintage Life Magazine’s post the other day, and fell completely for them. I’ve been a long-time fan of Ulyana’s folklorish, Russianly romantic and whimsically imaginative creations (how many designers can pull off these aprons, headscarves and bustles?), but this was the first time that I was actually witnessing a whole collection of hers, and I thought it was absolutely wonderful.

She’s describing this collection as “Scarlett O’Hara falling headfirst into The Wizard of Oz.” (from the New York Times report here). Well, I thought the Scarlett O’Hara style was immediately apparent; with the signature “barbecue” wide straw hat and the Civil War voluminous skirt, and little parasol. However I’m not that well-versed in The Wizard of Oz fashion elements, so can’t see as much inspiration from that side.

I also read in some article, which I can’t seem to locate amongst my bookmarked pages at the moment, that the outfits were also Zorro-esque, which I hadn’t thought of but soon agreed. The use of black chiffon sleeves, as well as some of the Spanish/Mexican accents, is so Zorro, isn’t it?

As for details, one has to love the vintage style case handbags – I mean she’s got squirrels on the yellow one! and kittens!

I have a favourite from the lookbook. It’s the ensemble with the black velvet big skirt, cinched in with folk floral belt (bustle?). It wins for me because I tend to be drawn by black with floral accents, and this one looks like such a classic, wearable piece (I may even be able to recreate it with one of my vintage black velvet skirts), and I love a cinched-in waist.

Here’s another view of the design on the runway:


What do you think and have you got a favourite from the collection?

[For more images of Ulyan’s Spring 2013 haute couture collection:

buro247.ru (complete lookbook though it’s in Russian)

Fashionising.com (runway photos)

Diamondsanddust blog by Nicole Danielle (I think she did the collages!)]

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