Shop Collection Spring/May 2013 Lookbook

Pretty Bones Jefferson Spring May Collection 2013

The 12 pieces here are full of the energy of Spring. There is much floral, a good bit of green (my favourite colour!), and monochrome. Era-wise it’s mostly 1970s-1980s, but there is also influence of Mid-Century styles.

We shot most of the photos in my new room, which also has a back garden although it was too cold/windy to shoot there. Hopefully we’ll be able to take photos outdoors for the summer collection, if we do get a summer (oh you just never know in Ireland).

Little Benjamin “Goodluck” Ferdinand – Mr. hedgehog – makes a quick appearance in the collection in the second photo with the 70s black floral gown. He arrived from Russia recently from Olga, who makes wonderful original soft toys like him at her Etsy shop Wassupbrothers. I shall have more photos and talks of him soon.

I’ll be posting the collection at the shop over the next few days (one is already up). Hope you like these and please look out for more updates!

Pretty Bones Jefferson May 2013 collection 1-4

Pretty Bones Jefferson May 2013 collection  5-8Pretty Bones Jefferson May 2013 collection  9-12


Secret Roses

vintage hairbrush, 1950s/1960s,

old hollywood dress, vintage hair brush, dressing table, vintage green dress, long hair

Another Brocante Market find here – a gorgeous vintage hair brush in a vanity set, that I incorporated into the shoot last week for my shop‘s upcoming vintage collection. It has quite an Art Deco style back, with a a star-bust optical lined cream-coloured plastic hard cover reminiscent of the elevator hall (or the elevator door, too, indeed) of the Empire State Building, the centre of which was left transparent in the shape of a rose bouquet, for the rose picture underneath to show through. The cover happened to have come off while I trying to adjust it, and thus I discovered the vivid, rich paper picture that I didn’t know was there! After taking the photo (which is the top picture here) I have had to replace the protective cover, but the awareness of these hidden roses has made this little gem so special to me.

In all the excitement of my happy accident I have somehow neglected to take a “proper” picture of the brush, which I shall have to remedy in a future post.

This vintage hair brush I think is from the 1960s. There is another vintage hair brush that I’m planning to list on the shop soon, which is a good bit older, from the 1930s or 1940s but of a similar style, and has tiny silk embroidery upon silver satin on the back!

Oh and there will be a 1950s hand mirror, as well…

But first I’m going to be editing these photos from last week and get the new vintage dress collection up (the green dress in the picture is one of the group). This is my first time working on a “collection” of dresses instead of on an individual basis, so it’s a bit daunting; but I think it really makes sense in the big picture.

(Vintage 1940s style 1970s chiffon green Dress: April/May collection at my shop, coming soon)

Vintage 1960s rhinestone necklace: thrifted)

Vintage 1950s/1960s hair brush: Dublin Brocante Market)


Somber Mood, Art Deco Silk


image_2image_3image_4At the moment I don’t have much of an idea what to do with the “holidays”. I’ve been harbouring some deep reservations about Christmas as an unquestioned tradition in the English-speaking world, on the points of its origin and purpose, and seeking to understand how I truly feel about man-made customs that are close upon rules; therefore I’m trying not to engage in the festivities, but rather hoping to use this time for some thinking, reading, and sewing.

And as always I’ll be working on putting up some new listings in the shop. This vintage shirt in the photos is a new arrival and definitely one of my favourite from the shop collection so far. It’s simply so classy and…Art Deco glamorous, with the triangular front design, silky texture and satin panels. And it’s French!

…For some reason these picture are beginning to feel to me how coming to the new year should be like – plain clear tones, with a touch of old glamour, something with a silent museum quality.

(Top: [artificial] silk shirt, vintage 70s/80s by Grege Paris, available in my shop

Skirt: vintage 70s by Kriss, charity shop

Necklace: High Street shop)


A 1940s holiday and a thought on Rita Hayworth

One afternoon in May we did a photoshoot for this vintage 1970s pleated navy skirt in 1940s style. The planning had begun a while before. I had paired it with the white shirt because it seemed the most obvious choice (also worn here with the polka dot skirt); then came the white hat which was a new acquisition from a charity shop; and I added the floral belt, which I had already owned for a long time, to the skirt. The belt has a tan faux leather edge and a fabric overlay with rose prints and the words “Lavil’s Collection”, and is really quite lovely; but I needed to punch an extra hole in it to bring it in, which I had kept putting off doing.

Hat:  vintage 80s, make unknown

Shirt: Betu

Belt: vintage 80s, Lavil’s Collection

Skirt: vintage 70s, Endora, available at 24 USD here at Pretty Bones Jefferson Boutique

Shoes: Aldo

The location was in Dublin city centre Temple Bar’s Anglesea Street; in front of the Irish Stock Exchange, the Trinity College Children’s Research Centre, and another office building, the name of which is unknown to me. As I had the outfit on my mind, one day when I passed by, I noticed the beautiful blue and white façades (19th century, I think?); and we decided to give it a try for the shoot.

Anglesea Street is usually surprisingly quiet for a place amongst the hustle and bustle of the main street Dame Street (where I and thousands others daily get off the bus when coming into town) and the busy tourist spot Temple Bar; the old taller buildings seem to always cast a silencing shade over the pavement. It is a very short street, however, and one often finds oneself at the other side before having had the time to consider its tranquillity.

I love the 1940s fashion (really more than the 1950s), and this skirt felt just right for a balance between seriousness and lightness, and warmth and breeziness. It’s in impeccable wide pleats that are fitted in the upper part, and the material is a cotton and viscose blend that feels slightly like light wool but more breathable. There is something very sweet about the colour which even the photos can’t perfectly convey and do justice to, a subtly dark and rich quality that brings out the freshness of the wearer’s face.

The skirt was featured in an Etsy treasury list “Memorial Day Blue and Red” (my blog post here) earlier; and so I was wondering, while planning for posting the photos, whether I should write about some political happenings that this outfit’s style and colour seem to relate to. There have been the American Memorial Day, the voting for the Austerity Act in Ireland on the 31st of May, and the British celebration for Jubilee over this weekend. But in the end I’ve decided not to, mainly because I don’t really have anything intelligent to say about politics at the moment; also, despite its potentially formal look, the skirt and the outfit remind me of more of a brief, slightly clouded but still bright holiday in the 1940s when all worries were set aside for just a while, and I would rather dwell on that dreamy thought.

It was actually a slightly turbulent day when we shot the photos, it was damp weather and I was busking earlier in the afternoon, feeling somewhat nervous and clumsy doing too many things on one day. But looking at the photos, it looks like nothing but a beautiful holiday, with excursions through the town’s streets, ship harbours and boat journeys, ice cream and visits to curiosity shops.

I think it is a amazing how a seemingly simple outfit can transport you to a completely different time and state of mind. This one has definitely done it for me.

And in closing, I must call in a post-shoot inspiration of the look, which is Rita Hayworth in her blue casual style wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Aly Khan on May 27, 1949.

The ensemble featured a dress with belted shirt-top and razor-pleat skirt, and a light wide-brim sun hat. The dress was designed by Jacques Fath and a story on the dress can be read here at On This Day in Fashion. I always thought Rita looked absolutely a dream in it and very much herself.

And here, last of all, is the photographer’s own favourite shot and edit.

(Photos by JEG)

*If you’d like to find out about the measurements of the skirt to buy, it’s listed in the Pretty Bones Jefferson shop here at 24 USD.

A similar style hat to the one in the outfit is in the Pretty Bones Jefferson shop here also at 24 USD.


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Etsy Treasury List: Memorial Day Blue and Red

I was featured in this list of red, white, and blue Memorial Day gifts by Michelle Hawkins from wirequeen on Etsy!…Or to be more exact, it’s my shop’s vintage 70s navy blue pleated skirt

‘Hurrah For the Red White and Blue’ by wirequeen

Gifts to celebrate Memorial Day.

Wirewrapped Earrings Red Que…


Spa Bath Soak – Lilac And La…


Pearls Of Wisdom


4th of July Star Glycerin So…


70s – 40s style navy blue pl…


FREE SHIPPING red shawl,wome…


Maraschino Red Lampwork Spac…


Patriotic Red White and Blue…


Red crochet purse with owl l…


His and Her Mr and Mrs. key …


Sheer Wedding Handkerchief H…


Get Well Gift Aromatherapy H…


stained glass heart, suncatc…


Patriotic Inspiration Red Wh…


Reversible Baby Bib – Red, W…


The Best Is Yet To Come, Fra…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Aren’t these such refreshing, summery colours? It’s also reminding me of Independence Day and Old Home Week in Edith Wharton’s novel Summer; of hot, sunny summer days, with parlours of cooling drinks, a little dusty.

One afternoon toward the end of August a group of girls sat in a room at Miss Hatchard’s in a gay confusion of flags, turkey-red, blue and white paper muslin, harvest sheaves and illuminated scrolls.

Memorial Day 2012 was 28th of May, but I’m pretty sure that this list will be useful again in the US for Independence Day in July, and if any town is having an Old Home Week? Or just any day – we love red, white, and blue.

Here in Ireland there is usually potentially the Remembrance Day, with red poppies; but it’s in November.


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