Secret Roses

vintage hairbrush, 1950s/1960s,

old hollywood dress, vintage hair brush, dressing table, vintage green dress, long hair

Another Brocante Market find here – a gorgeous vintage hair brush in a vanity set, that I incorporated into the shoot last week for my shop‘s upcoming vintage collection. It has quite an Art Deco style back, with a a star-bust optical lined cream-coloured plastic hard cover reminiscent of the elevator hall (or the elevator door, too, indeed) of the Empire State Building, the centre of which was left transparent in the shape of a rose bouquet, for the rose picture underneath to show through. The cover happened to have come off while I trying to adjust it, and thus I discovered the vivid, rich paper picture that I didn’t know was there! After taking the photo (which is the top picture here) I have had to replace the protective cover, but the awareness of these hidden roses has made this little gem so special to me.

In all the excitement of my happy accident I have somehow neglected to take a “proper” picture of the brush, which I shall have to remedy in a future post.

This vintage hair brush I think is from the 1960s. There is another vintage hair brush that I’m planning to list on the shop soon, which is a good bit older, from the 1930s or 1940s but of a similar style, and has tiny silk embroidery upon silver satin on the back!

Oh and there will be a 1950s hand mirror, as well…

But first I’m going to be editing these photos from last week and get the new vintage dress collection up (the green dress in the picture is one of the group). This is my first time working on a “collection” of dresses instead of on an individual basis, so it’s a bit daunting; but I think it really makes sense in the big picture.

(Vintage 1940s style 1970s chiffon green Dress: April/May collection at my shop, coming soon)

Vintage 1960s rhinestone necklace: thrifted)

Vintage 1950s/1960s hair brush: Dublin Brocante Market)