Coming up in the boutique: the Laura Ashley blue velvet

vintage 80s Laura Ashley blue velvet dress

I’ve been meaning to post this vintage 80s Laura Ashley blue velvet dress in the boutique shop, and finally had time to do the photoshoot during Easter week. Choosing which photos for the listing is quite difficult, though. But here’s a sneak preview!

I’m playing a bit of guitar for one of JEG’s songs at the EEP (yep, it’s spelt “EEP”) launch of our friend Fin O’Brine this evening, so I’m not sure if I’ll get time to finish writing up the listing. But if not today then definitely tomorrow this dress will go up and join the other lovely Laura Ashley dress in my boutique. There’s also a red taffeta Victorian-inspired (but short!) dress with black velvet bodice that I’d like to introduce together with this blue velvet – I’ll blog + facebook the news once they’re ready in the shop.

(Photos by JEG.)


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