Somber Mood, Art Deco Silk


image_2image_3image_4At the moment I don’t have much of an idea what to do with the “holidays”. I’ve been harbouring some deep reservations about Christmas as an unquestioned tradition in the English-speaking world, on the points of its origin and purpose, and seeking to understand how I truly feel about man-made customs that are close upon rules; therefore I’m trying not to engage in the festivities, but rather hoping to use this time for some thinking, reading, and sewing.

And as always I’ll be working on putting up some new listings in the shop. This vintage shirt in the photos is a new arrival and definitely one of my favourite from the shop collection so far. It’s simply so classy and…Art Deco glamorous, with the triangular front design, silky texture and satin panels. And it’s French!

…For some reason these picture are beginning to feel to me how coming to the new year should be like – plain clear tones, with a touch of old glamour, something with a silent museum quality.

(Top: [artificial] silk shirt, vintage 70s/80s by Grege Paris, available in my shop

Skirt: vintage 70s by Kriss, charity shop

Necklace: High Street shop)