I’m quite abashed to be admitting that it’s been two months since I last blogged. I’ve done a good bit other things in the mean time – a good bit! But really nothing should have gotten into the way of writing diligently…

(Top: Primark/Penneys

Skirt: Vintage 1970s by Blue Grass, available in my shop here

Briefcase: Vintage 1960s by Remploy (UK), coming soon to my shop)

Shoes: REDZ)

I had expected to be able to do much work for the shop and the blog right after I had sent in my final thesis for college at the end of August, but for some reason, in the subsequent weeks, it became so difficult to return to normal life, or the normal, industrious life as I had envisioned. I’m perhaps still in shock that my three years of college is now done!

And then of course I got busy with a number of other things, too. I had been busking intensively (taking advantage of the warmer weather while it lasted), and played a few gigs and events.

So this week I finally put up a new listing in the shop, which is this vintage 70s skirt here. The photos were taken some time ago in the Dublin Trinity College, which quite suited the skirt. I’ve been very much in love with this unique and artistic watercolour skirt and have been wanting to get it listed properly. It’s such an elegant combination of modern impressionistic watercolour paintings, and the 1940/1950s Roman Holiday shape (complete with fabric belt and side pockets). Looking at the skirt makes me want to jump up onto my feet and visit museums and art galleries.

I did make a blunder while preparing the skirt for the shop – I set the iron temperature just a touch too high! Apparently the fabric is a blend of polyester and viscose with a semi-detached gauzy overlay, which is rather sensitive to heat and can actually melt. Fortunately I was ironing the fabric belt first and so ended up with melt spots only on the belt. Oh I nearly cried – lesson learned!

The blue faux leather briefcase in the photoshoot was a find from a vintage market and is a 1960s specimen from Remploy, which is a UK firm for the benefit of people with disabilities and has been around for more than sixty years since its establishment under the UK 1944 Disabled Persons Employment Act. I’ve done some research on the firm and heard many good things about the amazing quality of their products as well as the social significance of the business. This briefcase definitely confirms what I’ve read, as it is in incredible like-new condition and doesn’t have a single fault to note. I should be listing it in the shop as soon as I’ve gotten close-up photos of it and figured out the shipping costs.

I’ll hopefully be getting more photos edited this week and post again very soon. I’m kind of debating whether or not to post pictures from summer, since it is now deep autumn and all the colours are so different!

(Photos by JEG)